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Beach volleyball is one of the most mentally challenging sports out there, and here’s why: each one of your opponents is going to have totally different strengths and weaknesses, and you’ve got to figure out how to exploit those. You’ve got the sun in your eyes, the wind at your back, hot sand under your feet that makes it impossible to move quickly, and two people covering an area of 692 square feet. You’ve got to dig deep (literally!) tog get to the ball, and if you’re doing your job, there’s going to be sand all over your face and body.


In a battle between two good teams, the one that wins will be the pair that isn’t afraid to dig deeper, get dirtier, and committ 100% with the team.  There’s only two people on the court with a lot of ground to cover, and the games are short so each point matters.


But on the other side, you get to travel. Playing Beach Volleyball means that you get to go to a lot of cool places - one day you might be playing in the middle of a big city, and one day you might be on a remote tropical beach - to play the sport you love. Isn't it the perfect combination?



BRAVO ACADEMY follows the rules of International Volleyball and apply those rules both for the oficial games, and for the practices. All practices for Beach Volleyball consist of 2 hours and include both theory and practical learning. Practices occur once a week, usually on Saturdays, and are mandatory for the players who wants to engage in competition. 

All BRAVO players need to be AAU MEMBERS and have to keep their membership for as long as they stay enrolled at BRAVO. They are also obligated to keep AAU Insurance for the period they stay in the Academy. 

BRAVO's main purpose is to provide a selected group of athletes with an overal volleyball continuous improvement training that will help each one of the players to have a better performance.  We are open to answer any question or discuss any special needs that your child/teen or you as a parent may have.

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